Wage WAR on infection

July 27, 2017

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Wage WAR on infection

April 1, 2018

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Wage WAR on infection

April 1, 2018


 Following an inspiring and thoroughly thought provoking seminar in London earlier this month, I ordered a couple of combination remedies from the Narayani range and they arrived earlier this week. 

One of the remedies is curiously called WAR.  Attention grabbing name isn’t it, but what does it mean in terms of Homeopathic treatment?

The Homeopathic approach is steeped within the concept of the gentle road to cure…..WAR seems at odds with the basic philosophy upon which I have trained.  I am intrigued.

WAR; a state of armed conflict.  Where is the place within holistic care & healing that a remedy named WAR could fit I ponder. 

This poses an intriguing question for me as it appears to be counter-intuitive, and my fascination currently with counter-intuitive concepts is leading me down a rabbit hole where balance resides (but that’s another blog post entirely).


Under what circumstances could the remedy WAR be prescribed?  How can I use this to help my patients on their return journey to health? 


Firstly, this is a combination remedy.  Usually the remedies prescribed in Homeopathy are from one source but the remedies used in the Narayani school are a mixture from several different sources.

WAR is indicated as a remedy to prescribe in the case of infections, any infection, be it internal or external.

Within Homeopathy there is no single remedy to prescribe for specific diseases/disorders/ailments etc as Homeopathy doesn’t treat the name of the diagnosis itself, it treats the underlying cause and the susceptibility to becoming ill in the first place. 

As a consequence, there are multiple remedies that can be prescribed for an infection. 


An acute infection in the early stages presents some common symptoms of localised swelling, redness, pain and heat.  A fever can be present.  Early stage infection can quickly become more challenging for the body and can lead to disease if left untreated.


That’s where the WAR comes in.  It is a combination of several remedies that each have a place when treating the presenting symptoms common to infection.

From time to time, we need to throw all we’ve got at something.

This remedy wages WAR on infections. It goes into battle.  Sometimes I think we need this.  Sometimes, we need the energy of WAR when our defences are at their lowest.  And in an acute condition such as infection all our energy and resources are being directed to regain health.  Our white blood cells, literally our personal army when it comes to our immune system can sometimes be overwhelmed when called into battle.  Infection can enter the body through a number of means and depending upon how run down we are at the point of infection, this can determine its severity. 


Homeopathy works to assist your army at the front line and the reserves.  It assists your body's natural ability to heal itself. 

Two days after the remedy arrived, I met a friend who had just returned from the dentist.  She had a very severe root canal infection which the dentist advised had to be treated by an ENT specialist in hospital for fear that the infection would quickly spread if they tried to treat it at the surgery. 

Her right upper gum was extremely swollen and tender, with the outer jaw and cheek looking puffy and red.

Worried at the prospect of a general anaesthetic she asked if I had anything homeopathic that could help. 

I prescribed WAR 3 times per day for a week.  After 3 days I enquired how she was getting on.  She reported that the gum is much less swollen and angry.  Swelling in the cheek and jaw has reduced and her sinuses feel less tender.

So far so good.  She is due to attend hospital shortly where she will receive a scan prior to the root canal treatment she is scheduled for. 

We are both hoping that there has been significant improvement as currently the infection feels considerably less intense.


In this instance I am thankful the WAR has arrived upon my shore.

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