I'm hay fever free!

July 27, 2017

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April 1, 2018

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I'm hay fever free!

July 27, 2017

Since I was 16 years old I have suffered each summer with intense hay fever symptoms.

It all began one hot afternoon when I went to look around a prospective 6th form College.

It was lunchtime and a group of us decided to go to the local bakery down the road.  I remember walking past a field/meadow and all the flowers were out in bloom, “Great”, I thought, “I can’t wait to study here and enjoy this next year”.

I returned to the College and was scheduled in for an interview with the head of the Sociology department.  It was a small confined space so there wasn’t much distance between the tutor and myself.

I was nervous, as 16 year olds generally are, and I didn’t feel quite right.

I felt hot, irritated and my face felt insanely itchy.  I can’t wait to get out of here, is all I kept thinking.  And why is he looking at me so intently, I feel scrutinized.

The interview ended and I remember going to the toilet block, as I just knew something was wrong with my face.

ARGH….I had huge hives all over my face, my throat was super itchy and my eyes had begun to swell.

This was the beginning of over 20 years worth of hay fever symptoms that would not begin to abate until 2013….


Before the misery of hay fever began for me I used to think, hay fever, it can’t be that bad….bit of sneezing, not sure what all the fuss is about!  But anyone who has suffered with pollen allergies knows the discomfort and maddening effects that hay fever produces.

My symptoms used to always begin end of July and continue right through until September.  Swollen eyes, hives, itching mouth, continuous sneezing with so much mucous I’m not sure where it all came from….would characterise my hay fever bouts.  My whole face would be so itchy sometimes I would wish it were possible to rip it off.  Summer misery at its peak.

I was reliant on anti-histamines every day for years.  Yes, they provided me relief but some came with side effects too. 

As I got older I researched natural alternatives.  I tried an herbal complex tincture that to some extent provided relief but it would only take the intensity down a notch or two.  I tried the local honey method, which for me provided no discernible effects on my hay fever, and I tried this for a few seasons.

It wasn’t until I began studying to become a Homeopath myself that I found anything that came close to bringing relief for these tiresome and irritating symptoms.


As fledgling students we were set a project of finding 2 patients that needed their hay fever treating.  I immediately volunteered to be one of the cases for a fellow classmate to ‘practice’ upon.  Please work, please work, I hoped as my classmate took my case and meticulously went over every symptom and detail of the first time I noticed it appear.

 It was with high expectation and anticipation that I took the remedy she prescribed for me as I took a morning walk in the local park with my dog.

I hadn’t taken an antihistamine that morning and I was looking forward to this being the start of a new chapter.  Hmmm, eyes began to itch, throat was scratchy….I’ll take another.  Within an hour I was reaching for the Antihistamines and with a deflated heart reported to my Homeopath that the remedy hadn’t worked.  She reassured me that this can often happen and she would take another look.  She came back to me with another remedy that she said might help.


Arundo Mauratinica is a remedy made from the root of an Italian grass.

I took it as soon as she gave it to me and pretty much found instant relief.  Wow!

Now the proof will really be in the pudding when I test this out for a week at Glastonbury.  You know what?  It worked.

Each morning I would take one of the tiny pills and that would be it.  No hay fever what so ever.  I started spacing it out and that worked too.  Less was needed as Homeopathy works on the philosophy of the 'minimum dose'.


This continued for 2 summers.  I used the Arundo like I would Antihistamines.  Over the winter when I didn’t have hay fever I sought out, ‘constitutional homeopathic’ treatment.

This is were the Homeopath looks at everything about you….your likes and dislikes, your past medical background and family history, your predispositions, and then seeks, over time to improve your level of health and to work with your susceptibilities and through treatment to rebalance those susceptibilities so that when you are triggered by toxins, pollutant agents or stressed your body no longer responds with the same pattern of dysfunction, and no longer needs to produce symptoms.


It has taken a while, but this year heralds the first summer (if you can forgive the weather), that I have not needed ANY support to combat the misery of hay fever.


Homeopathy works.  I know this first hand by my own experience and I am so grateful to have discovered its gentle healing power.



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