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What is homeopathy & how does it work?

Homeopathy is an established system of healthcare that was introduced to Europe over 200 years ago.  According to the WHO it is the 2nd most used system of medicine across the globe, over 200 million people use it for their health.

The philosophy behind it states that the body produces symptoms that signal to us that we are out of balance, it is at this point that we usually seek help.  Homeopathy aims to rebalance the whole person by using natural substances that have been diluted down to their energetic source.  This stimulates the organism (you) to 'read' the information and correct yourself using your own innate capacity to heal.

I am taking medication from my GP but would like to try Homeopathy as well, is this safe?

Yes. Homeopathic medicine is non-toxic, non-addictive & can be used alongside conventional treatments.  It is not advised to stop taking the medicine prescribed by your GP without consulting with them first.  Reducing a prescribed medication must only be done under your GP's supervision.

People often use Homeopathy to reduce side effects produced by their conventional medication.

Can I bring my baby for homeopathy?

Yes.  Homeopathy is safe & gentle, it's suitable for babies, children and the elderly.  Also everyone else in between!

My eczema is bad on my hands, can you help me?

Yes, although Homeopathy does not treat disease labels such as 'eczema'.  It treats you as a whole person and in doing so it is expected that the symptoms you want relief from will reduce.

I can't afford Homeopathy but I think it would help me, are there any options?

Many health plan schemes such as Simply Health offer cash back for alternative treatments.  Check the full list at The Society of Homeopaths website.

Alternatively, get in touch with me directly as I have not refused treatment to someone in need, an arrangement suitable for both parties can always be agreed.

I've heard Homeopathy doesn't work and it's just a talking therapy.  Is it?

The time spent talking about your health (up to 2 hours initially), with a Homeopath who is trained to focus and listen intently to your perspective certainly plays a big part in the healing process.  Often this is the first time that someone has talked about their complaint and its affect on their lives in so much detail. 

As with any treatment, be it conventional or alternative, there are no guarantees it will work, however in a large scale study conducted in 2006 up to 70% of patients receiving Homeopathic treatment reported an improvement in their symptoms.

Is there any scientific evidence that supports homeopathy?

There is a substantial amount of data and clinical trials out there supporting the efficacy of Homeopathy.

The Homeopathy Research Institute offers a high standard of accessible data.


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