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The initial homeopathic consultation takes up to two hours for an adult and less for a younger person.  During the first appointment we cover in detail the symptoms that have brought you to seek treatment.  In order for me to build up a whole picture of who you are, your reactions to what stresses you and your responses to your environment, expect questions that might seem a little out of the ordinary.  I am looking for the thread that links the physical, mental and emotional levels together. 

It is from this perspective that Homeopathy is able to treat you as a whole person as your symptoms are connected to the rest of your being.

By prescribing remedies that best fit you as a whole it is expected that not only your symptoms to improve but that you will feel better all round. 

Face to face appointment at Physio & Therapies in Todmorden or by Skype

Adult - up to 2 hours @ £60

Child - up to 1.5 hrs @ £45

Baby - up to an hour @ £25 (FREE until 18mths old if main caregiver is also receiving treatment under my care)

Follow up appointments at Physio & Therapies in Todmorden or by Skype

At the start of your treatment it is advised to have regular follow ups every 5-6 weeks for approximately 3 months.  At this time we will evaluate your progress and together agree a plan to move forward with. 

Contributing factors that will affect how many appointments you will need include; the nature of your condition(s) and extent of pathology, personal level of health and the length of time you have been suffering with your condition for.

Adult - up to 1hr @ £30

Child - up to 45 mins @ £25

Baby  - up to 30 mins @ £15 (FREE until 18mths old if main caregiver is also receiving treatment under my care)




Emergency treatment  and advice is available over the phone for sudden complaints either for yourself or child.

It is advisable that you have your own remedy kit to hand in order for quick administration of the required remedy, however I can send remedies out in the post for you.

15 minute consult @ £10

If you are receiving full constitutional treatment with me this will be included in your plan.


If it is not possible for you attend an appointment at Physio & Therapies and you don't have access to Skype, a home visit might be the best option for you.

A surcharge of £10 will be added to cover time and travel costs and your address should fall within a reasonable distance from Todmorden Town centre. 

Still not sure....

If you're still unsure about what is right for you, take up my offer for a FREE 15 minute consult to discuss options with no obligation to book.

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